About Mimi

Mimi is a professor of Gender & Sexuality Studies.  Having grown up with five brothers and four sisters, she’s always had an interest in masculinity and femininity and how gender works in relationships.  As a queer, feminist sex radical, she approaches life as an on-going effort to eradicate all forms of inequality and injustice, especially around gender, sexuality, race, and class.  Her scholarship and teaching revolves around theorizing the ways in which power plays out in our bodies, interpersonal relationships, and in society.  Outside of the office, she spends her time writing erotic fiction, running with her dogs, and playfully spreading queer fairy dust.  She is also an Ironman triathlete and has spent much of her adult life climbing mountains and rock climbing with Marc.  She has a thing for cowboy boots and loves getting dolled up any chance she gets, whether its strapping on the mountaineering crampons at the foot of a glacier or carefully slipping into fishnet stockings.  She’s in love with her city—New Orleans—and though she grew up in the Midwest, knows this is home.  

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